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NP: August 2, 1864 Philadelphia Evening Bulletin: Casualties 100th PA

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by David Welch (100th Pennsylvania Roundheads) and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

THE ONE HUNDREDTH PENNSYLVANIA REGIMENT.—The following casualties among the officers of the One Hundredth Pennsylvania Regiment occurred on Saturday last [SOPO Editor’s Note: July 30, 1864 at the Battle of the Crater] before Petersburg:

Capt. W. C. Oliver, Company B, and Lieutenant R. C. Craven, Company K, killed; Major T. J. Hamilton, in command of regiment, wounded and a prisoner; Adjutant S. George Leasure, son of the Colonel, prisoner, reported slightly wounded; Captains Maxwell, Company E, and McFeeters, Company M, and Lieutenant Hammond, of Company B, wounded.

Private John M. Cannon, of Company H, a Philadelphian, was taken prisoner.1

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