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BEARSS MAP: The Breakthrough (VI Corps), April 2, 1865 Map 3

BEARSS Petersburg Maps VI Corps Layer 3 SMALL1


Download The Breakthrough (VI Corps), April 2, 1865 Map 3 LARGE

Download The Breakthrough (VI Corps), April 2, 1865 Map 3 SMALL



  1.  Ed Bearss Petersburg Troop Movement Map, Manuscript on file at Petersburg National Battlefield, National Park Service: The Breakthrough (VI Corps), April 2, 1865 Map 3. These maps may be freely downloaded and used.  There is no copyright restriction per emails from Petersburg National Battlefield personnel.  Digital versions of these maps were graciously provided by Julie Steele.  Rich Hasenauer, creator of the Regimental Fire and Fury Civil War miniatures rules, provided his artistic expertise in rotating all maps and overlaying troop movement maps onto the topographical base maps.  These maps would not be available today without their help.
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