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LT: November 10, 1864 Henry F. Young (7th Wisconsin)

SOPO Editor’s Note: Captain Henry F. Young of the 7th Wisconsin wrote twenty letters while at the Siege of Petersburg from June to December 1864. Researcher Roy Gustrowsky transcribed this letter from the original at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin.  He is currently in the process of writing a regimental history of the 7th Wisconsin. “Delia” was Henry F. Young’s wife, and “Father” was his Father-in-Law Jared Warner, a prominent businessman of Grant County, Wisconsin. Gustrowsky has magnanimously made these transcriptions available to the Siege of Petersburg Online for publication, and we thank him for his generosity.

UPDATE: I recently learned that a new book has been published by the University of Wisconsin Press, entitled Dear Delia: The Civil War Letters of Captain Henry F. Young, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry, and edited by Micheal Larson and John David Smith. If you want to read all of Henry’s letters throughout the war, purchase the book!

Camp 7th Wis[consin] Vet[eran] Vol[unteer]s
Near Weldon RR Va
Nov 10  1864

Dear Delia

I just received your letter. Sorry to hear of Lauras Sickness but verry glad to hear she was getting better. I am glad to hear you have got into a comfortable house.

The Election [held on November 8, 1864] is over Our Brigade cast 1291 Votes of which [Abraham] Lincoln received 946 & Mc [George B. McClellan]-345 giving Lincoln 645 Majority. The rest of the Army Voted about the Same. Tomorrow we will begin to get the news of how the States went I am looking for Lincoln to have a larger Majority than at his 1st Election.

Frank Boynton has got his Commission as 1st Lieut but he has not Mustered yet, it is Still My intention to Muster Out as Soon as he Musters and I can get things fixed for it will take Me Some time to Settle My accounts with the Govt. Every thing has to be done under the infernal redtapeSystem. Frank has been a week trying to Muster in and it will perhaps take a week longer before he accomplishes it-All because the Mustering Officer is Judge Advocate of a Court Martial. We have nothing now in the way of consolidation but are looking for an Order to that effect.1

I received a letter from your Father two days Since he wrote of you all being well but Laura, it made Me verry uneasy untill I received your letter. I am anxious to get home So as to Make Some arrangements about the Mill, So as to be ready to go to work next Spring. Furman wants to buy half the Mill. I will Sell him My half if we can agree About the terms.

I have the rheumatism every time I get wet and I tell you its verry uncomfortable for the cursed thing dont Stop when I lay down but pains more than ever.

I look for a Move in the Army Soon perhaps within the next week, but what will be the point of attack I cannot pretend to Say.2 My love to all Jared Laura & May.

Ever Yours


Letters of Henry W. Young:

  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: The 7th Wisconsin must have been expecting to be consolidated with another Wisconsin regiment, much like the 19th and 20th Indiana were consolidated in October 1864.
  2. SOPO Editor’s Note: Young was wrong here.  There were no major movements again until the Applejack Raid of early December 1864.
  3. Young, Henry F. “Camp 7th Wis Vet Vols.” Received by Dear Delia, Near Weldon RR Va, 10 November 1864, Petersburg, VA.
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