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LT: March 16, 1865 Charles Personius

Editor’s Note: This item is part of a collection of letters from New York engineers written while their units were at the Siege of Petersburg.  Researcher and Engineer enthusiast Dan O’Connell generously donated all of the items in this collection for use at The Siege of Petersburg Online.  These transcriptions are copyrighted by Brett Schulte and may not be used without my express written consent.  I do not have images of these letters so some errors could be from transcription or in the original.

Camp of the 50th NY Vol. Engrs
Near popular Grove Church Va
March 16 1865

Dear Parents,

Here it is again thursday and this is the third time I have written to you this week. We are having quite easy times now-a-days and are in expectation of a move which will most likely come off soon if he weather continues fair. The sutlers are all apcking up their goods and preparing to go to the rear in accordance to orders received so you may look soon for important news from the Army of the Potomac. Two of the companies from this regt left us yesterday morning taking bag and baggage and started for the Jones House and are probably going to do a job of work there. The Capt knows where the Jones House is.

Daniel received a letter from home again last evening and we were glad to learn that mothers health was improving and that the rest of you were well. I see that there has been quite a revival in the Holloww for you mentioned at least a dozen persons that had been converted and had made a profession of religion.

Daniel is still a teamster and yesterday he turned in his gun and accoutrements so he will not be retrieved very soon I guess. I have been telling him he ought to go and have his picture taken for you as he had promised you one and he said he thought he would . He and Jimmie is very busy now playing dominoes.

10 o’clock A.M.

We all fixed to have our pictures taken and went to the gallery and found the artist packing up to go to the rear so you won’t get an picture this time and if you don’t hear from us soon why don’t be surprised or anxious about us. If we remain here I will write again in two or three days. I will now bid you an affectionate good bye.

From your son

Charles W. Personious1


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  1. Personius, Charles. (1865, March 16). (Letter to his parents). Personius Brothers Letters (CL 105, Box B, Folder 38). Booth Library, Chemung Valley (NY) Historical Society, Elmira, NY.
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