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LT: February 19, 1865 Conrad Hass (123rd New York)

Editor’s Note: The Soldier Studies web site (http://www.soldierstudies.org) collects and publishes letters written during the Civil War. Owner/editor Chris Wehner was kind enough to grant me written permission to publish a selection of letters from his site which focus on the Siege of Petersburg.  Look for letters to appear here during the 150th anniversary of the Siege of Petersburg and beyond. These letters may not be reused without the express written consent of Chris Wehner.  All rights reserved.

123rd Regt. 24th Corps

Mary E. Barkdull

Dear Madam

Your welcome…bearing date feb.is at hand..I am happy to tell you although your age is much younger than I could desire…..I always admired a Red Roosy cheek & Much more where the eyes and hair are Dark My whole affections at once seemed to vie with one Strain of thought I am determined to see the object of my..love at the earliest opportunity You May think me hasty & very bold at declaring Myself Your lover at no acquantance at all but you will please excuse My forwardness in this matter as my intentions are of the purest character we all hope soon to Return to our Peaceful homes again & we have good faith that this unholy Rebellion will cease in the space of three or four Months at the most & I Sincerely hope to have you continue to correspond with me….as you Gave a…Minute discription of yourself than I did I will here add that My height is five feet nine inches & a half So you See I have the advantage of you of the difference of nine & a half Inches My weight is also Much Greater than yours…I weigh at present one hundred & eighty nine & one half Pounds but have weighed Much lighter when not quite So fleshy as I now am I will repeate the Invitation for you to Still continue to write as your welcome Message will at all times be Greeted with the Greatest Pleasure Hoping to hear from you…I Remain Respectfully yours..Conrad Haas Co. 16 123 Regt..24th Corps Army of the James, Washington Please excuse all bad Spelling ….Respectfully Yours C.H.



  1. Hass, Conrad. “123rd Regt. 24th Corps.” Letter to “Mary E. Barkdull” 19 Feb. 1865. MS. Washington, D. C. This letter appears here due to the express written consent of Chris Wehner, owner of SoldierStudies.org and may not be used without his permission.  All rights reserved.
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