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June 18-19, 1864 T. Jasper Dean (Letter)

Editor’s Note: This item is part of a collection of letters and diary entries from soldiers of the 8th New York Heavy Artillery written while the unit was at the Siege of Petersburg.  Researcher and author Kathryn Lerch generously donated all of the items in this collection for use at The Siege of Petersburg Online.

First Sergeant T. Jasper Dean, Company I, 8 NYHA; Letter written June 18 and 19 near Petersburg1:


. . . I neglected sending this letter because I could not.  is not a good reason.  wall Dear Friends I have not time to write as we expect to go into battle ever moment.  we had a sharp fight last night and night before.  our company had to [2] killed and 10 wounded.  I was in the hottest of it.  we drove the Rebs like fun.  I did not get hurt.  I am well.  we expect to take Petersburg this afternoon.  our Boys are driveling the Rebs like fun.  they are on a regular stampede.  Our men are after them.  we are driveing them from the railroad. Since I wrote the above we have been in another fight.  Co I had four wounded makeing in the two fights last night and night before 18 killed and wounded.  the above was writen yesterday the 18th.  this morn we lay behind Rebs brest works whare we captured 3000 Prisoners yesterday morn.  the same we fought with.  yesterday was a day to recorded as one of the Genneral fighting days of the War.  I cant begin to tell you half.  we are on the trott nearly all the time.  the Boys are getting nearly worn out and have got the Petersburg Railroad and are now destroying it.  I expect we shall see a hot time to day.  the rebbels have got earth works thrown up thick.  I am well yet.  I will write more soon.  give my best wishes to all.  My name was sent in to the Adjt Genls for Promotion one week ago to day.  I am to be Lieut.  nearly the whole of the responsibilities of Co I rests on me.  now we have only one officer Present for duty now and he is not verry well.  Loomis is at the rear sick Gillis is also.  Lt Cook is at home wounded.  Stafford and myself run the Co.  dont let aney one out of the family see this or hear letter read.  Excuse haste.  June 19th   T J Dean


  1. In possession of Kathryn W. Lerch
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