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LT: March 2, 1865 Samuel K. Miller

March 2, 1865 Headquarters 9th Army Corps [Virginia] #31


I received your letter of the 19th on the first day of the present month, which found me in very good health. I was very glad indeed to hear from you all again. Also glad that you and the boys are in good health. I shan’t write much in this letter. I wrote in my last letter a few days ago that we should be paid off the next day, but the paymaster did not get around, but tomorrow if the Lord is willing, we shall get our pay. Mr. Rodgers came over today to let us know the regiment would be paid tomorrow. He wanted us to come to the regiment this evening to sign the payroll, but we was out to work and did not get into camp until almost dusk. Again we got our supper and our horses attended to. It was dark and I did not care about going so far alone, for there is danger in traveling about at night for most.

The soldiers have been paid off and there is considerable many been robbed, some hacked down for their money. I did say I would send my money by express but Blanchard thinks we had better send by way of the New Post Office Law. There you can draw your money at Hartstown from Bud—but I will let you know how I will send it and when and how much. I only draw four months pay now. That will amount to $64. I shall send you $60 only—and the four dollars over and above the sixty and what is coming to me from the boys in the company will last me until next pay day, which will probably be in two months.

Again I had a letter from John Miller in Petersburgh [Petersburgh, Ohio, where Samuel lived for many years]. He writes they have another young daughter one month old. Sarah Jane is quite smart again, and the rest of the family are all well. Brother Jacob’s [his other brother in Petersburgh, Ohio] folks are all well, also states of the cold weather there and good sleighing. I heard from Brother Jesse’s folks. Got one from Charles Carothers. If you write to them please tell them that I have written to them and [they] have never answered. Give them my address. As I said before, I have not much to write so much. I must close. Expecting to hear from you very soon again. Tell Myron that picture has not come yet but I expect it every day and as soon as it comes I will send it. I shall also have my photograph taken on my horse. Just as soon as I get my money. Some day when I feel right I will write to Mother. My love to all and a great share to you. May God be with you and family is my daily prayer. Do not forget me in your thoughts when you lay your weary body upon your bed. No more but from your most kindly husband. Good night, Dearest. Write soon.

Samuel K. Miller1,2


  1.  Miller, Myron M. The Soul of a Soldier: The True Story of a Mounted Pioneer in the Civil WarXlibris Corporation(2011), pp. 187-188
  2. Editor’s Note: Samuel K. Miller of the 211th Pennsylvania wrote 46 letters home during his time in the Union army, almost all of it spent at the Siege of Petersburg in the Ninth Corps.  Miller’s great-grandson Myron M. Miller recently edited these letters in his book The Soul of a Soldier: The True Story of a Mounted Pioneer in the Civil War.  Check out the review here.  Mr. Miller was kind and generous enough to offer the Siege of Petersburg Online the use of these letters for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Siege of Petersburg.  A selection of Samuel’s letters will appear here at the Siege of Petersburg Online 150 years after the date they were written.   These letters are the private property of Myron Miller and are used here with his express written consent.  All rights reserved.
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