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Octave Bruso Diary: Week of June 5, 1864

Note: This is one week’s worth of many diary entries of Octave Bruso, who participated in the Siege of Petersburg as a member of the 50th New York Engineers.1

Sunday June 5, 1864

Rainy + cloudy. Wrote a letter to my Wife. Worked all night digging a road to the extreme front. A heavy charge was made during our work.

Monday June 6, 1864

Beautiful day. In camp most all day. Was shelled out of our camp towards evening and went behind the breast works. Worked until 10 P.M. fortifying our camp.

Tuesday June 7, 1864

Beautiful day. Finished our breast works at two P.M. Got a letter from my wife with a picture of Tillie. Wrote to my wife.

Wednesday June 8, 1864

Pleasent day. Worked all night last night digging a Road. Pretty heavy Artillery fight toward dusk. Did not go out digging this night.

Thursday June 9, 1864

Pleasent + windy. Corp’l of the Guard. The whole Co went out digging all night.

Friday June 10, 1864

Pleasent + windy. Came off froom guard at 6 P.M. Went out to Hd Qrs with the mail. The Company finished the Road.

Saturday June 11, 1864

Beautiful day. Made Rifle Pits all day-worked until 8 P.M.


  1. “1864 Diary of Private Octave Bruso, 50th NY Engineers, Company E” edited by Tom Bauerle, Buffalo, NY, 2010.
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