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Octave Bruso Diary: Week of January 1, 1865

Note: This is one week’s worth of diary entries of Octave Bruso, who participated in the Siege of Petersburg as a member of the 50th New York Engineers.1

Sunday January 1, 1865

Recieved a letter from my dear Wife.


Monday January 2, 1865

Chilly Day. All quiet in Camp-Dinner given in the Hospital. Felt pretty well during the ___ (Editor: day?), but had the chills again in the night.


Tuesday January 3, 1865

Pleasent day- In Camp all day. Sick. Felt much better towards night. Recieved a letter from my Brother Augustin.


Wednesday January 4, 1865

Pleasent day. Snowed a little in the afternoon. Grand Review of the 2d Corps. Reported for duty today. Went out to work in charge of 2 squads to work on the Observatory. Wrote to my brother Augustin.


Thursday January 5, 1865

Cool day. Out in the woods all day. Getting out wood with the 1st Squad.


Friday January 6, 1865 (crossed out)

Cold + Windy. Went out in the woods + came back to go to the observatory and came back in the woods again + cut wood the rest of the day.


Friday January 6, 1865

Out with the Squad most all day. Rained hard most all day obliged to come in from the woods. recieved a letter from my dear wife dated Dec 30th 1864. Promotions were read-off at roll-call. Promoted to a Sergeant to date from Jan’y 1st. Was taken with the fever again while out to work. Feel pretty bad.


Saturday January 7, 1865

Pleasent but Windy. recieved a letter from T. G. Corbett and my Tobacco + paper from Washington. Wrote to my Wife. To Cochran, and to Tom Corbett. Recieved a letter from Geo. W. Cochran + Co.


  1. “1864 Diary of Private Octave Bruso, 50th NY Engineers, Company E” edited by Tom Bauerle, Buffalo, NY, 2010.
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