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CIR: 9-P-17 Hays’ and Stafford’s Brigades August 19, 1864

9P17HaysStaffordBde18640819FBConfederate Inspection Report:

Hay’s and Stafford’s Brigades (aka York’s Command), Evans’ Division, Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia1

August 19, 1864

The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia produced inspection reports at approximately monthly intervals late in the Civil War.  Luckily, many of these reports have been preserved and are available on microfilm from the National Archives and Records Association. I have produced transcriptions of the key information from these reports. See the bottom of this page for freely downloadable transcriptions of most of these reports. This transcription is copyrighted by Brett Schulte and may not be distributed, changed, or reproduced in any manner without the written consent of the transcriber.

M935 Roll #: 10

Image # from Digitized Copy: 0194-0204.jpg

Date of Inspection: August 19, 1864

Commander: Brigadier General Zebulon York (But he never commanded at Petersburg.  He was severely wounded at Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864.)

Inspection Location: Winchester, Virginia

Aggregate Present & Absent: 3,708

Aggregate Effective for the Field: 3,7082

Officers and Men Present for Duty (PFD): 614

Weapons: Enfield Rifles and Smoothbore Muskets (Remnants of Hays’ Brigade); Enfield Rifles (Remnants of Stafford’s Brigade)


  • Remnants of Hays’ Brigade, Colonel William Monaghan (of the 6th LA), 427 officers and men PFD
    • 5th Louisiana, Major Alexander Hart, 54 officers and men PFD
    • 6th Louisiana, Lt. Col. Joseph Hanlon, 57 officers and men PFD
    • 7th Louisiana, Lt. Col. Thomas M. Terry, 62 officers and men PFD
    • 8th Louisiana, Captain Louis Prados, 102 officers and men PFD
    • 9th Louisiana, Captain William R. Peck,  152 officers and men PFD
  • Remnants of Stafford’s Brigade, Colonel Eugene Waggaman (of the 10th LA), 181 officers and men PFD
    • 1st Louisiana Volunteers, Captain Joseph Taylor, 36 officers and men PFD
    • 2nd Louisiana, Lt. Col. Michael A. Grogan, 54 officers and men PFD
    • 10th Louisiana, Lt. Col. Henry D. Monier, 24 officers and men PFD
    • 14th Louisiana, Lt. Col. David Zable, 41 officers and men PFD
    • 15th Louisiana, Captain Henry J. Egan, 26 officers and men PFD

Downloadable Spreadsheet:



  1. Confederate Inspection Report 9-P-17: Hays’ and Stafford’s Brigades, August 19, 1864; Inspection Reports and Related Records Received By the Inspection Branch in the Confederate Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M935, Roll 10: Inspection Reports P-12 – 39-P-24); War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109; National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.
  2. SOPO Editor’s Note: Clearly this number is wrong.  The effectives should be slightly lower than the present for duty below. “Effectives” counts men carrying muskets and excludes commissioned officers.
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