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CT AG 64-65: Report of Colonel John L. Otis, 10th Connecticut, of operations October 1, 1864

Report of Colonel John L. Otis, 10th Connecticut, of operations October 1, 18641

October 1st, 1864.


I have the honor to report the part taken by this regiment in the operations of this afternoon.

Pursuant to orders received from yourself, I moved out about 2.30 P. M., upon the New Market road, passed the picket line and formed the regiment on either side of the road, deployed three companies upon the right, and three upon the left, as skirmishers.

The enemy’s vedettes fell back before them, one being captured and sent immediately to General Birney.

They were driven from their pits and from a house occupied as an advanced post, but forming behind the crest of a hill, at the foot of which the road was barricaded, opened a vigorous fire. I halted my line in an advantageous position, at the edge of the woods, well covered, with open ground in front, and kept up a fire which proved effective, several of the enemy being seen to fall, and one brought in severely wounded.

The report was now brought from the left, that the line was outflanked in that direction, and a severe enfilading fire was poured into it. Sergeant Williams of Company G, being mortally, and Private Williams of Co. F, severely wounded.

I therefore sent forward another company, with instructions to support the left, and attack the enemy who had advanced at that point.

These orders were successfully carried out, and the enemy forced to retire.

It was now reported that their skirmish line was moving towards our right, and to guard against this movement, I sent a small detachment to reconnoiter in that direction. The movement proved to be the deployment of a regiment as skirmishers, but no further attempt at an advance was made by the force opposite us, though firing was continuous on both sides. And having carried out the instructions given me, I withdrew after dark, no attempt to follow me being made, and returned to my position in the works.

I lost two men wounded (one mortally,) and one missing, probably captured from the extreme right of my line on its first advance.

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,

Col. Comd’g 10th C. V.

To Col. H. M. Plaisted,
Comd’g Brigade.


  1. Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Connecticut, for the Year Ending March 31, 1865 (New Haven: Carrington, Hotchkiss & Co., State Printers, 1865), pp. 227228
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