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Which Regiment or Battery are YOU Interested In?

Are You Interested in a Specific Unit?  A Lot of Readers Are

Bill Black, a reader of the Siege of Petersburg Online, recently sent me an email about the 148th Pennsylvania.  A lot of readers are beginning to ask me questions about specific regiments now that almost all of the regiments, battalions, and batteries which participated in the Siege of Petersburg have their own web pages here at the site.  The lone exceptions which I do not have scheduled out and ready to go are the Union Cavalry Corps and the Confederate Second Corps. Even those should appear by the end of 2013.

I am trying to post items as quickly as I get them, so be sure to check the Siege of Petersburg Units page often for your particular unit to see if updates have been made to the main page or if new posts concerning the unit have occurred.  I want to share a little trick at this point to help readers monitor the unit or units of their choice.  I use tags to describe what every post on this site is about.  If a regiment, battery, or battalion is mentioned in a post, that post will be tagged with the unit’s name.  For instance, any post concerning the famous 5th Texas of the Texas Brigade will be tagged “5th texas“, and all tags for a post appear at the bottom of a given post, with an image of the example above displayed down below:




How to Receive Emails About Your Unit Automatically

Now I’ll show you a neat little trick which you can use on literally ANY of the thousands of tags on this site.  Left click on a tag name, like the tags displayed above, to get to the tag’s page.  You’ll see the URL, in this case http://www.beyondthecrater.com/tag/5th-texas/ for the 5th Texas.  This page shows you a list of posts which contain the tag.  Now for the trick.  Simply add “feed/” to the end of the tag URL, like so, http://www.beyondthecrater.com/tag/5th-texas/feed, and go to that web page.  I use Feedburner to produce my site’s feed, and one of the nice features is that you can subscribe to specific tags, allowing you to be updated by email or in a feed reader when a new post appears with that tag name.  If you left click on the example above, you’ll see the ability to subscribe to the feed near the top of the page, and I’ve included a screen shot here to circle that area (using Firefox, other browsers will vary in appearance).  It’s a great way to follow along here as I continue to add content on a daily basis.

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