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150 Years Ago Today at Petersburg: January 17, 1865

January 17, 1865

Bvt. Maj. Gen. George W. Getty, USA, is placed in temporary command of the 6th US Army Corps, the Richmond, VA, Campaign.

Major General George G. Meade and Major General Edward O. C. Ord order 100 gun salutes at noon along their lines in honor of the capture of Forth Fisher.

Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant allows Major General Edward O. C. Ord to stop any further work on the Dutch Gap Canal project on the James River, first started by Benjamin F. Butler in the summer of 1864.

Note: All “Today In The Petersburg Campaign” blog entries are used with permission from Ronald A. Mosocco’s Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. Order the book HERE.

Copyright © 1993, 1994 by Ronald A. Mosocco

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