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The Western Career of James St. Clair Morton: Chief Engineer of the Ninth Corps

Over at Dave Powell’s excellent Chickamauga Blog, James St. Clair Morton’s antebellum and western theater career is profiled.  Morton was a Rosecrans protege, having served as an engineer pre-war without seeing any combat.  The famed Pioneer Corps of the Army of the Cumberland was led and trained by Morton.  He resigned under mysterious circumstances in August 1863, and was ultimately killed at the Siege of Petersburg in June 1864, by then acting as Chief Engineer to Ambrose Burnside and his Ninth Corps.  Dave’s post is one of many interesting looks into the campaign and battle of Chickamauga.  I encourage you to go check it out.  As more and more of the primary sources are posted here at The Siege of Petersburg Online, I hope to start looking at the men and units who fought at Petersburg in much the same way.

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