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Southern Historical Society Papers Now Online at Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University

UPDATE: Come check out my transcriptions of articles from the Southern Historical Society Papers which focus on the Siege of Petersburg.

In the same article which mentioned airplanes over the trenches at Petersburg, I also found some exciting news about the Southern Historical Society Papers.  I did not realize they had been placed online at Tufts University’s Perseus Digital Library.  Here’s a link to Volume 1.  If all else fails, just do a search for “southern historical society papers” and you’ll be able to access any of Volumes 1-37 online.  It’s a bit of a quirky navigation structure, but it’ll do wonders for my ability to add accounts from the SHSP to The Siege of Petersburg Online, something I’ve struggled with a bit.  I’ve been working with a badly OCRed set of PDF files looking for Petersburg materials, so I can’t wait to find some time to dig through this new version of the Papers soon.

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