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Petersburg: In the Trenches with the Common Soldier: June 24-27, 2010

The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War is planning a seminar this summer with a focus on the Petersburg Campaign entitled Petersburg: In the Trenches with the Common Soldier.  The seminar will be held from June 24-27, 2010.  Some of the details from the seminar home page are listed below:

Civil War Seminars:
Every summer The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War offers a weekend long seminar with a specific topic of interest related to the Civil War era. Civil War scholars and enthusiasts alike attend the educational event and are offered a glimpse into cutting edge research in Civil War history. Information on upcoming seminars will be regularly posted to this page – so we ask that you stay alert for announcements as spaces are limited on these well attended seminars.

The Civil War and American Society Seminar

Petersburg:  In the Trenches
with the Common Soldier

June 24-27, 2010

presented by
The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War
in conjunction with
Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

Join us in Petersburg!!!

See City Point, Grant’s Command Cabin, Hatcher’s Run, and Five Forks and other sites associated with the campaign!

Learn about life in Petersburg during the siege!

A. Wilson Green – Scholar in Residence, Director of Pamplin Park, and author of both The Final Battles of the Petersburg Campaign: Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion and Civil War Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of War.  As our Premiere Tour Guide, Greene will lead us on tours following Lee vs Grant at Petersburg, 1864-1865, to include:
– City Point and an inside look at U.S. Grant’s command cabin
– Petersburg National Battlefield including Battery 5, Fort Stedman and Lee’s last grand offensive of March 25, 1865
– Extensive walking tour of the Crater battlefield, Petersburg’s most famous episode
– Weldon Railroad Battlefield
– The Union fourth offensive at Fort Wadsworth
– The Union seventh offensive at Hatcher’s Run
– The Lewis Farm, White Oak Road, and Five Forks
– The Breakthrough Battlefield, A.P. Hill’s death site, Fort Gregg, and more!

Speakers include experts on the Petersburg Campaign and the common Civil War soldier!

Earl J. Hess, author of In The Trenches at Petersburg: Field Fortifications and Confederate Defeat and The Steward McClelland Distinguished Professor of Humanities at Lincoln Memorial University – “Soldier Life in the Trenches in Petersburg”

Kevin Levin – history instructor and owner of the Civil War Memory blog site – “Mahone’s Brigade and the Defense of Petersburg”

Dennis W. Brandt – author of From Home Guards to Heroes: The 87th Pennsylvania and Its Civil War Community – “The 87th Pennsylvania at the Final Breakthrough”

Christopher S. Stowe – United States Army Command and General Staff College – “A Question of Resources: Confederate and Union Logistics in the Petersburg Campaign”

Walter Powell – adjunct professor of history at Shepherd University and Mt. St. Mary’s College – “The First and Second Connecticut Heavy Artillery at Petersburg, 1864-65”

Mark A. Snell – Director of the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War at Shepherd University – “Before Petersburg: Union Strategy and Operations in 1864”

Dates:  Thursday, June 24, 2010 – Sunday, June 27, 2010

Location:  Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg, Virginia

PERFECT LOCATION!! – To study the Petersburg Campaign and the soldiers who fought there, no site could be better than Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, Virginia.  Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier is a 422-acre Civil War campus located in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, offering a combination of high-tech museums and hands-on experiences.  The Park has four world-class museums and four antebellum homes.  The Park is also the site of The Breakthrough Battlefield of April 2, 1865.

FASCINATING TOURS!! –We will spend TWO DAYS touring the Petersburg Battlefield and associated sites, including City Point, the Crater site, the Breakthrough Battlefield, and A.P. Hill’s death site, led by Pamplin Park’s director, A. Wilson Greene.
NOTE:  HEAR EVERY WORD OF THE TOUR!!! – Our tour guides wear portable microphones and transmitters; each participant wears a receiver with earpiece so there is no straining to hear the tour guide.  You won’t miss a word of the tour within 100 feet of the guide.
PHENOMENAL SPEAKERS!!! – Each year, we bring together a group of distinguished and respected Civil War historians to share their expertise with our seminar participants.  These talented teachers and writers remain available to seminar participants throughout the seminar for questions and discussion.  Individual presentations are offered in a comfortable, professional lecture hall, supported by state-of-the-art visual aids and sound equipment.
FINE food!Abundant, gourmet meals will be served in the Park dining facilities.  All meals are included on both the Resident and the Commuter plans.
SOLID logistics! – This year’s seminar is the sixteenth in a series of successfully developed and executed Civil War seminars.  Much thought and effort goes into our original, innovative programming as well as comfortable accommodations, terrific hospitality, and faultless execution of a weekend-long program of thoughtful and enjoyable learning.

Click here to access a printable copy of the registration form.

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