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Lincoln, Grant Meet Again at City Point Park

HOPEWELL – The president met with his top general here on Saturday to discuss strategy for following up what looked likely to be a breakthrough in coming weeks in the nation’s years of struggle to suppress a bloody insurrection.

It should be mentioned that the president was Abraham Lincoln and the top general was Ulysses S. Grant, and the impending victory they were talking about was the fall of Petersburg and the end of the Civil War.

The Grant’s Headquarters at City Point Unit of the Petersburg National Battlefield was offering its annual commemoration this weekend of Lincoln’s visits to the site in late March and early April 1865.

The visits were historically significant for a number of reasons: From here, Lincoln traveled by rail to Petersburg after the city fell to the Union. He also journeyed from here by boat to Richmond after it, too, was captured. And it was less than a week after he left here to return to Washington that he was assassinated.

The program, which continues today, includes a talk on “Lincoln’s Life Lessons,” featuring Honest Abe’s trademark folksy wisdom; an intimate visit with Gen. and Mrs. Grant; and a 19th-century fashion show.1

To read the entire article at The Petersburg Progress-Index, click here.


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