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Check out Jerusalem Plank Road: A New Book of Petersburg Campaign Poetry by Brendan Hamilton

I received some information from Brendan Hamilton, a former participant in TOCWOC’s Top 5 Civil War books contest, about his new book of Petersburg Campaign poetry, entitled Jerusalem Plank Road.  Since I run a Petersburg Campaign web site, how could I resist telling you about this new book?  🙂

Jerusalem Plank Road is due out today, April 2, 2010, at Lulu.com, in honor of the 145th anniversary of the Petersburg Breakthrough.

Jerusalem Plank Road is a book of poetry that examines the Petersburg Campaign of the American Civil War from a variety of perspectives, forming a fragmented, shuffled narrative through the hidden spaces of the past. The book is illustrated with images taken from details of photographs in the Library of Congress’s Civil War collection. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that benefit American veterans and their families. Jerusalem Plank Road is introduced by Jarvis Fosdick, a visual artist and landscape architect.

About the author:

Brendan Hamilton lives in Louisville, Colorado with his wife, Kris and their dog, Oliver. A lifelong student of the Civil War, Brendan is a recent graduate of Naropa University’s M.F.A. Writing & Poetics program. He also has a B.A. in history from the College of William & Mary. This is his first book of poetry.

About Durga Press:

“Durga” for the foothills of the mountains: a goddess of that, versus deeper in.  A verge, correlating to Punjab and Colorado.  Similar terrain.  I am the founder of this press but not its editor or physical publisher.  The writer makes their own book. Wanted to make a place where the history and geography of this country might appear, because I am a citizen.  A new citizen, and wondered what a press of that would be.  Brendan Hamilton writes on the civil war; his poems are accompanied by an essay/interview by Jarvis Fosdick, a landscape architect.  I do not align myself with the aesthetics of either writer/architect.  Durga doesn’t care about that.  Durga wants books like tigers, the tiger Durga rides upon: to appear, and pounce.  I hope this pounces on you. — Bhanu Kapil.  Loveland, Colorado: March 27th, 2010

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