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90th PA: The Last Man and the Last Life

90thPADurkin2000Unit: 90th Pennsylvania

Unit Affiliation: (1), 3, V

Title: The Last Man and the Last Life: The Bloody Journey of the Philadelphia National Guards Regiment from May 1861 to November 1864, 19th P.V., Three Months Service & 90th P.V., Three Years Service

Author: Durkin, James

Publisher: J. M. Santarelli

Publication Date: 2000

ISBN-13: 0-9631314-1-1

SOPO’s Take: This self-published regimental history of the 90th Pennsylvania by a retired Philadelphia police officer contains an amazing amount of material on the Siege of Petersburg.  Lyle’s Brigade of the V Corps, as well as Lyle’s old regiment the 90th, was almost annihilated at The Battle of Globe Tavern on August 19, 1864.  Here is their story, from formation to muster out.

Links to Read/Buy:

  1. The Last Man and the Last Life (Google Books)
  2. The Last Man and the Last Life (Amazon.com)
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