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The Battle of the Crater: A Complete History by John F. Schmutz

The Battle of the Crater: A Complete History

by John F. Schmutz


BattleOfTheCraterSchmutz2009BTC’s Take:

If Earl J. Hess’ Crater book is the best on the Crater, Schmutz comes in a close second, and is probably the best when you consider strictly military history. Schmutz, like Hess, utilizes a wide variety of sources.  The author also covers the First Battle of Deep Bottom early in the book, an added bonus.  The price for the hardcover at this point in 2014 is a ridiculous $230 due to unscrupulous third party sellers, but the paperback is still at a reasonable price. Two of the author’s ancestors were involved on the Union side, including one who was a member of the 14th New York Heavy Artillery, the first regiment to reach the Crater.

Book Summary/Review:

    BTC Siege of Petersburg Book Notes:

      Author Interview:

      [M]y book consists of 407 pages, with considerable explanation of the relative positions of the two armies based upon what had transpired in the two month’s leading up to the battle.  The mood of the country is carefully examined.  Additionally, considerable care was taken to bring in anecdotal material from the participants themselves, in order to give a perspective which is otherwise often missing from a discussion of the bare facts alone.  Combine this with graphics, maps and an easy to follow presentation, and this book provides the reader with a fascinating story that is sure to captivate him or her.

      Publisher Info:

      The Battle of the Crater is one of the lesser known yet most interesting battles of the Civil War. This book, detailing the onset of brutal trench warfare at Petersburg, Virginia, digs deeply into the military and political background of the battle.

      Beginning by tracing the rival armies through the bitter conflicts of the Overland Campaign and culminating with the siege of Petersburg and the battle intended to lift that siege, this book offers a candid look at the perception of the campaign by both sides.

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      Hardcover Edition

      ISBN: 978-0-7864-3982-9

      Publisher: McFarland and Company, Inc.

      Release Date: January 2009

      Pages: 428 Pages

      Paperback Edition


      Publisher: McFarland and Company, Inc.

      Release Date: October 2012

      Pages: 428 Pages

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