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The Battle of First Deep Bottom by James S. Price

The Battle of First Deep Bottom

by James S. Price


FirstBattleOfDeepBottomPrice2014BTC’s Take:

Jimmy Price covers the First Battle of Deep Bottom in book form for the first time on its own.  Typically, the battle merits a chapter or so in books on the Crater, if that much.  This is another good book from the pen of Price, joining his earlier look at New Market Heights.  Excellent maps down to the regimental level by Steven Stanley accompany the text.  Winfield S. Hancock does not come across well here, and neither do Joseph Kershaw for his role, or lack thereof, in the July 27 fighting.  Likewise, Richard H. Anderson wasn’t at his best on July 28.  Price uses a wide variety of sources and provides quite a bit of detail given the relatively condensed format of books from the History Press.  If you’re interested in the Siege of Petersburg, this is a must own.

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BTC Siege of Petersburg Book Notes:

    Publisher Info:

    On July 26, 1864, Union general Winfield Scott Hancock’s corps and three cavalry divisions under Philip H. Sheridan crossed to the north side of the James River at the Deep Bottom bridgehead. What was supposed to be a raid on Confederate railroads and possibly even a breakthrough to the Confederate capital of Richmond turned into a bloody skirmish. Richard H. Anderson’s Confederate forces prevented a Union victory, but only at a great cost. Robert E. Lee was forced to move half his army from the key fortifications at Petersburg in response. Petersburg was all the more vulnerable for Grant’s next move, the infamous Battle of the Crater. Including newly constructed maps from Steven Stanley and a foreword from fellow Civil War scholar Hampton Newsome, this title is the definitive account of an often-overlooked battle. Join author and historian James S. Price as he recounts a pivotal moment in the Petersburg Campaign and the close of the war.

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    Paperback Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-609495411

    Publisher: The History Press

    Release Date: September 2014

    Pages: 160 Pages

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