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In addition to the ten major offensives against Petersburg, there were dozens of minor scouts, actions, and skirmishes during the Siege of Petersburg.  One of the goals of The Siege of Petersburg Online is to find out and share information about these lesser actions. The complete list of these events as found in the Official Records, Serial Numbers 80, 87, and 95 is reproduced below. Items in italics are not found in the Official Records, and have been added here due to references found in various first person accounts and other sources on the Siege of Petersburg.  My ultimate goal is to catalog and write about as many of the listed fights as possible.

List of Skirmishes and Actions During the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign

JUNE 13-JULY 31, 1864. – The Richmond (Virginia) Campaign.

June 13, 1864.
-Skirmish at White Oak Swamp.
Skirmish at Riddell’s Shop.

June 14, 1864.
– Skirmish near Harrison’s Landing.

June 15, 1864.
– Skirmish at Malvern Hill.
-Skirmish near Smith’s Store.

June 16, 1864.
Action on the Bermuda Hundred front.

June 16-17, 1864.
Actions at Fort Clifton.+

June 17, 1864.
– Skirmish on the Bermuda Hundred front.

June 18, 1864.
Skirmish at King and Queen Court-House.++

June 20, 1864.
Skirmish at White House.
Skirmish at King and Queen Court-House.++

June 21, 1864.
Action at Howlett’s Bluff.*
-Skirmish at White House or Saint Peter’s Church
-Skirmish at Black Creek, or Tunstall’s Station.+
Skirmish at Davis Farm.

June 22, 1864.
– Skirmish at Reams’ Station

June 23, 1864.
– Skirmish at Jones’ Bridge.+
Skirmish at Black and White’s.

June 24, 1864.
Action at Hare’s Hill.

June 25, 1864
– Skirmish at Staunton River Bridge, or Roanoke Station (25th)

June 28, 1864. – Action at Howlett’s Bluff.*

June 30-July 1, 1864.
Actions on Four-Mile Creek, at Deep Bottom.*

July 12, 1864.
– Skirmish at Warwick Swamp.
– Skirmish at Turkey Creek (and Lee’s Mill).*

July 14, 1864.
Action at Malvern Hill.*

July 16, 1864.
– Action at Four-Mile Creek.*
– Action at Malvern Hill.*

July 17, 1864.
– Skirmish at Herring Creek.

July 27, 1864.
Skirmish near Lee’s Mill.

July 28, 1864.
Action at Four-Mile Creek.*

July 30, 1864.
Skirmish at Lee’s Mill.


* Of some of the minor conflicts noted in this Summary no circumstantial reports are on file.

+ For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 5, 1864.

++ For reports, see Vol. XXXVI, Part I.


AUGUST 1-DECEMBER 31, 1864.-The Richmond (Virginia) Campaign.+

August 1, 1864.
Skirmish at Deep Bottom.

August 3, 1864.
Action near Wilcox’s Landing.+

August 4, 1864.
Action near Harrison’s Landing.+

August 5, 1864.
Explosion of Confederate mine in front of the Eighteenth Army Corps.
-Skirmish at Cabin Point.

August 9, 1864.
Explosion at City Point.
Affair near Sycamore Church.

August 13, 1864.
Action at Four-Mile Creek+ and Dutch Gap

August 16, 1864
Cavalry fight at White Oak Swamp.

August 22, 1864.
-Skirmish on the Vaughan Road.

August 23, 1864.
-Action on the Dinwiddie Road, near Reams’ Station.

August 24, 1864.
-Skirmish near Reams’ Station.
-Action on the Vaughan Road, near Reams’ Station.

August 31, 1864.
-Skirmish near the Davis House.

September 2, 1864.
Reconnaissance beyond Yellow Tavern, on Weldon Railroad.

September 3, 1864.
-Affair near Sycamore Church.

September 5-6, 1864.
Reconnaissance to Sycamore Church.

September 10, 1864.
Assault on Confederate work at the Chimneys.

September 13, 1864.
-Scout to Poplar Spring Church.

September 15, 1864.
-Reconnaissance toward Dinwiddie Court-House, and skirmish.

September 16-17, 1864.
Affair at Coggins’ Point (16th) and pursuit of the Confederates.

September 19, 1864.
-Scout to Lee’s Mill and Proctor’s House.

September 29, 1864.
Reconnaissance to Poplar Spring Church. (not in Official Records)

October 1, 1864
Skirmish at New Market Road. (not in Official Records)

October 8, 1864.
-Reconnaissance on the Vaughan and Squirrel Level Roads.

Skirmish in Front of Ninth Corps.1

October 11-12, 1864.
-Scout toward Stony Creek Station.

October 16-18, 1864.
-Federal expedition from City Point into Surry County.

October 22, 1864.
James River skirmish near Fort Brady.

October 27, 1864.
Skirmish in front of Fort Morton and Fort Sedgwick.

October 29, 1864.
-Skirmish at Johnson’s Farm.

October 30, 1864.
Capture of Union Pickets at Fort Davis.

November 1- 5, 1864.
Scout from Bermuda Hundred into Charles City County.

November 5, 1864.
Skirmishes in front of Forts Haskell and Morton.

November 7, 1864.
Reconnaissance toward Stony Creek.

November 16, 1864.
Skirmish near Lee’s Mill.

November 17, 1864
Skirmish at Bermuda Hundred.

November 18, 1864.
Federal scout to Disputanta.

November 24, 1864.
Skirmish near Prince George Court-House.

November 27, 1864.
Explosion of the Federal vessel, Greyhound, Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler’s
floating headquarters on the James River, possibly by Confederate agents.

November 28, 1864.
Scout toward Stony Creek Station.

November 29, 1864.
Engagement of Federal ironclads with Howlett’s Battery.

December 1, 1864.
Expedition to Stony Creek Station, and skirmish.

December 4, 1864.
Skirmish near Davenport Church.

December 5-6, 1864.
Engagement of Federal ironclads with Howlett’s Battery.

December 8, 1864.
Skirmish at Hatcher’s Run.
Skirmish at Belfield.

December 9-10, 1864.
Reconnaissance to Hatcher’s Run, and skirmishes.

December 10, 1864.
Skirmish in front of Fort Holly.

December 20, 1864.
-Scout down the Lee’s Mill Road by a small party of cavalrymen from Third Brigade, Second Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac.

December 31, 1864.
Picket line action between Scales’ and McGowan’s Sharpshooter Battalions and Sixth Corps picket line.


+ For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 5, 1864.


JANUARY 1-APRIL 3, 1865.-The Richmond (Virginia) Campaign.

January 1, 1865.
Blowing Up of the Bulkheads of Dutch Gap Canal.

January 9, 1865.
-Skirmish near Disputanta Station.

January 11, 1865.
-Skirmish near Warwick Swamp.

January 23-24, 1865.
-Action at Fort Brady, James River. (Attempted Passage by the Confederate Squadron of the Obstructions in Trent’s Reach.)

January 25, 1865.
-Skirmish near Powhatan.

January 29, 1865
-Reconnaissance to Riddell’s Shop.
-Scout to White’s Tavern on the Charles City Road.

January 30, 1865.
-Scout to Long Bridge and Bottom’s Bridge.

February 9, 1865.
-General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Confederate armies.

February 17, 1865.
Skirmish on Bermuda Hundred.

March 7, 1865.
-Scout to Lee’s Mill.

March 8, 1865.
-Scout to Disputanta Station.

March 25, 1865.
Action at the Watkins House.
Action at Fort Fisher.

March 27, 1865.
-Action at McIlwaine’s Hill.

March 29, 1865.
-Skirmish at the junction of the Quaker and Boydton Roads.
-Skirmish on the Vaughan Road, near Hatcher’s Run.

March 30, 1865.
-Skirmish on the line of Hatcher’s Run and Gravelly Run.
-Skirmish near Five Forks.

March 31, 1865.
-Action at Hatcher’s Run, or Boydton Road.
-Action at Crow’s House.

April 1, 1865.
-Skirmish at the White Oak Road.

April 2, 1865.
-Skirmish at Gravelly Ford, on Hatcher’s Run.
-Action at Scott’s Cross-Roads.

April 3, 1865.
-Occupation of Richmond and Petersburg by the Union forces.


  1.  “Historical Review of the Town of Lysander.” Baldwinsville Messenger.  October 25, 1945, p. 3, col. 1-7: “”An attack was made by the rebels on Saturday, October 8, on our Ninth Corps, and our regiment was ordered in as support.  The enemy was repulsed, and for the following eight days we continued drilling and getting hardened to camp life.


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