Union Ordnance Returns


Union Ordnance Returns

The Union Ordnance Returns come from NARA Microfilm M1281: Summary Statements of Quarterly Returns of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores on Hand in Regular and Volunteer Army Organizations, 1862-1867, 1870-1876, Roll 7, which contains the number and types of weapons of each infantry unit in the Union Army broken down by company for the period of April-June 1864, or 2nd Quarter 1864.  This roll may be purchased directly from the NARA for $85 (microfilm) or $125 (images on CD).  I’ll be offering transcriptions of these items grouped by state with purchase prices ranging from only $1.99 up to $16.99 depending on how many regiments a state had at the Siege of Petersburg, and $24.99 for transcriptions of the armament of every Union infantry unit which participated in the Siege of Petersburg and was present on June 30, 1864.  Ultimately, you can pay $25 for my transcription of an item which costs three-five times as much if you purchase the microfilm itself directly from the NARA.  Please note that regiments which did not fight at Petersburg have not yet been transcribed.  I am willing to take requests for transcriptions of other regiments for a small fee, probably $1.99 per regiment.  Please Contact Me if you are interested.


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Robert Weston March 4, 2013 at 10:35 am

Can you explain the meaning of the title on the spreadsheet I bought?
It is titled “Infantry Ordnance Returns (etc.)”
Does this reflect the weapons “returned” or “on hand” or what?
Appreciate any clarifying info you can give me.

Bob Weston

bschulte March 4, 2013 at 10:37 am


A “return” is simply a report filed to count something, in this case the number of weapons on hand in a given company of a given regiment on June 30, 1864. So the numbers you see for the specific companies in each New Jersey regiment show the number and type of weapons they had available to use on June 30, 1864.


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