Sanders’ Brigade



Parent Unit: Anderson’s Division | Third Corps | Army of Northern Virginia | Confederate Army1
Brigadier General John C. C. Sanders3,4 5

  • 8th Alabama
  • 9th Alabama
  • 10th Alabama
  • 11th Alabama
  • 14th Alabama
  • Bibliography:
    1. The Confederate Order of Battle, Volume 1: The Army of Northern Virginia by F. Ray Sibley, Jr., page 111
    2. The Confederate Order of Battle, Volume 1: The Army of Northern Virginia by F. Ray Sibley, Jr., page 111: Sibley does not know who commanded the Brigade during this time (i.e. it was not documented as far as he could tell.)
    3. The Last Citadel: Petersburg, Virginia, June 1864-April 1865 by Noah Andre Trudeau, page 499: Trudeau’s Organization of Forces lists the commanders of this brigade for the entire Siege of Petersburg in the following order:
      1. Colonel J. Horace King
      2. Colonel William H. Forney
      3. Brigadier General John C.C. Sanders
      We know that Sanders took over this brigade at Spotsylvania Court House when Col. Abner Perrin was killed. We also know that he was in command in August 1864 based on Sibley’s book and that he was killed on August 21, 1864. However, Trudeau indicates in his “Note on the Organization of Forces” (pg. 485) that “readers should … consider the name lists to be roughly chronological but not absolutely so.” We also know from Sibley’s book that King succeeded Sanders and Forney may have been in command of the regiment later in 1864 as well. Since Sanders was in command prior to the Petersburg Campaign and was leading this brigade both at the Battle of the Crater and when he was killed at the Battle of Globe Tavern, I can only conclude that Sanders was in command of the Brigade in June 1864. I do not have any specific evidence to prove this, however. More research is necessary. Regimental historian David White believes Sanders was in command of the brigade from the beginning of the Siege of Petersburg to his death on August 21, 1864 at the Battle of Globe Tavern.
    4. Hannings, Bud. Every Day of the Civil War: A Chronological Encyclopedia (McFarland, 2010). p. 291.: Sanders was promoted to Brigadier General on May 31, 1864.
    5. Antietam on the Web, Maj. John C.C. Sanders
    6. The Confederate Order of Battle, Volume 1: The Army of Northern Virginia by F. Ray Sibley, Jr., page 111


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    David White February 6, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    I have not yet determined an exact date, but the 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment was added to Forney’s (Sanders’ Old) Brigade in approximately January 1865. The remnants of the 13th Alabama remained with Forney’s Brigade and surrendered with the Brigade at Appomattox.

    bschulte February 6, 2012 at 8:52 pm


    Thank you for this. I’ll transfer this comment to the Brigade’s Eighth Offensive page once it goes live (which at my current rate will be sometime in 2025!) so that I remember to account for that change in the brigade makeup. The Confederates were a lot better than the Union in terms of keeping most brigades the exact same in term of unit makeup, so I need to keep an eye on the rare instances where these transfers do occur.


    David White March 19, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    The 13th Alabama was transferred to Forney’s Brigade on January 9, 1865. Source: The Confederate General by Davis and Hoffman, page 137, entry for William H. Forney.

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