865co: Abstract Return Union Army of the Potomac March 1865



in Army of the Potomac

                         Abstract Return
                    Union Army of the Potomac
                           March 18651

Commanding General: Major General G.G. Meade

Headquarters                  38/?
Provost Guard (Marcy)         35/1,631
Post of City Point (Collis)   92/2,276
Engineer Brigade (Benham)     61/2,467
Oneida Cavarly (Batchelder)   7/209
Artillery (Hunt)              41/1,139
Signal Corps (Davis)          9/133
II Corps (Humphreys)          1,064/20,107
V Corps (Warren)              685/15,576
VI Corps (Wright)             820/18,761
IX Corps (Parke)              795/18,931

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


  1. U.S. War Department, The War of the Succession, A Compilation of
    Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Government
    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1880-1901
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection


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