864lah: Abstract Return Confederate Army of Northern Virginia 20 December 1864



in Army of Northern Virginia

                         Abstract Return
              Confederate Army of Northern Virginia 
                        20 December 18641 

1st Army Corps (Longstreet)
     Staff                          15/0
     Pickett's Division            469/6,365
     Field's Division              443/4,576
     Hoke's Division               416/5,517
     Kershaw's Division            329/3,552

2nd Army Corps (Gordon)
     Rodes' Division               216/3,056
     Early's Division              164/2,406
     Gordon's Division             211/2,717

3rd Army Corps (Hill)
     Staff                          19/0
     Mahone's Division             398/4,544
     Heth's Division               403/4,905
     Wilcox's Division             426/5,836

Army Corps (R.H.Anderson's)
     Johnson's Division            529/6,692

Cavalry Corps (Hampton)
     Staff                          11/0
     Hamptaon's Division           160/2,431
     W.H.F.Lee's Division          178/3,592
     Horse Artillery                 3/l09

Artillery Corps (Pendleton)
     Staff                           5/7
     1st Corps                      95/2,197
     2nd Corps                     127/2,030
     3rd Corps                      62/956

1st Military District (Wise)       l00/520
Provost Guard (Bridgeford)          22/239

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


  1. U.S. War Department, The War of the Succession, A Compilation of
    Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Government
    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1880-1901
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection


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