NP: June 16, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Casualties of the 42nd VA Cavalry Battalion



in June 1864

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.

LIST OF CASUALTIES of the Forty-second battalion Virginia cavalry, May thirtieth and thirty first, 1864.

Field and Staff—Missing:  B S Crouch, courier.

Company A—Not engaged.

Company B—Captain William M McGruder, commanding.  Killed:  None.  Wounded:  T N Throckmorton, in chest, mortally; Joseph Tinsley, in leg, slightly; Joseph McCallister, in arm, slightly.

Company C—Lieutenant R T Sears, commanding.  Killed:  T S Lilliston.  Wounded:  R H Walker, in neck, severely, (since died;)  Harvey Bland, in ankle, slightly.  Missing:  Benjamin Rilee, Sergeant J M Kidd, E R Lilliston, Thomas J Palmer.

Company D—Lieutenant W V Heywood, commanding.  Killed:  None.  Wounded:  J R Ransone, leg and foot severely; George W Walker, in arm, severely.  Missing:  Charles T Carr.

Company E—Lieutenant J M Jeffries, commanding.  Killed:  James Callice, W H Norton.—Wounded:  Jacob Saddlemyre, in shoulder severely; A Atkins, in arm, severely; James Crossfield, in arm, slightly; Harvey Lumpkin, in shoulder, severely; S Sibley, in cheek, slightly; James Hart, slightly; John Means, slightly.  Missing:  Carter Blake.

Company F—Lieutenant John E Broaddus, commanding.  None.

Company G—Captain A J Rodgers, commanding.  Killed:  None.  Wounded:  Captain A J Rodgers, in arm, slightly; Sergeant J C Dickinson, in leg, slightly.  Missing:  None.

Company H—Lieutenant C W Havenner, commanding.  Killed:  None.  Wounded and missing:  Sergeant S G Sheffield.

Killed, 3; wounded, 18; missing, 8—total 29.1


  1. “LIST OF CASUALTIES of the Forty-second battalion Virginia cavalry, May thirtieth and thirty first, 1864.” Richmond Examiner. June 16, 1864, p. 2 col. 4


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