NP: June 14, 1864 Raleigh Confederate: List of Casualties in Co. F, 12th N. C. Troops, May 5-12, 1864



in June 1864

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

Co. F, 12th REG’T. N. C. T.

The following is a list of casualties in Co. F, 12th regiment N. C. T., Johnston’s brigade, in the battles at Mine Run, Wilderness and Spotsylvania, on the 5th, 9th, 10th and 12th May, 1864.

Killed–Lieutenant Nathan S. Mosely, sergeant George W. Davis, privates Myrick D. Duke and James R. Reavis, (the latter was [illegible, one line creased].  Wounded–Captain J. R. Turnbull, severely in hip and side ; corporal Peter H. Allen, severely in head ; privates Jams M. Bobbitt, slightly in arm ; Thamas [sic?] H. Cottrell, severely in arm ; George M. Duke, slightly in thigh ; Robert C. Montgomery, slightly in foot ; Thos. H. Wiliams [sic?], slightly in hip.  Missing–Privates Jacob S. Allen, William E> Darnell, and Daniel T. Wootten.

At the opening of the campaign Johnston’s brigade was encamped at Taylorsville, Va., on the R. T. & P. R. R., which place it left on the 4th of May, at 11, a. m., and marched to Mine Run, a distance of sixty-six miles in twenty-three hours.  No sooner had we reached that place, than we threw up breastworks, which were no sooner finished than we had to abandon them, and attack the enemy, completely routing them, and thereby succeeding in turning their right flank.

A. R. P., O. S.1


  1. “Co. F, 12 Reg’t. N. C. T.” Raleigh Confederate. June 14, 1864, p. 2 col. 4


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