NP: June 13, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Latest from the North, June 9



in June 1864

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.




Petersburg, June 11.—The New York HERALD of the 9th has been received.

Abe Lincoln and Andy Johnson were nominated by the Baltimore Convention on the 8th instant.—The HERALD thinks that the ticket will have a hard road to travel.

The eleventh resolution of the Convention declares for the maintenance of the Monroe doctrine.

The HERALD pitches into the TIMES of Tuesday for the publication of a long account of the battle of the 3rd between Lee and Grant.    The TIMES claims that it was the most important battle of the war, confesses that Grant was badly beaten, and that the rebels were undoubtedly successful.  The HERALD says the account was published solely to defeat Grant’s nomination for the Presidency, and that it was successful.

A despatch from Grant, dated June 7, 5, P.M., says all has been quiet to-day.

A telegram from Sherman, dated Ackworth Pass, June seven—six, P.M., says that he has been to Altoona Pass, and finds it admirably adapted for his purposes—it is the gate through the last or more eastern part of the Alleghanies.  He says the enemy is not in his immediate front, but his signals are seen at Lost Mountain and Kenesaw.

Morgan captured Mount Sterling, Kentucky, on the eighth, destroyed the bridges, tore up the track of the Kentucky Central railroad between Cynthiana and Paris, and destroyed an important trestle work at that point.  His forces are estimated at 2,500.

A victory is claimed for Hunter in the Valley, but the information is gathered exclusively from Southern sources.

Gold closed on the eighth at one hundred and ninety-four and a quarter.1


  1. “Latest from the North.” Richmond Examiner. June 13, 1864, p. 2 col. 5


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