NP: June 13, 1864 Milwaukee Sentinel: From Butler’s Department



in June 1864

From Butler’s Department.

Special Dispatch to the Sentinel.

NEW YORK, June 19.

A correspondence to the Herald, from Butler’s department, gives details of the recent attack on Petersburg, showing that Gilmore advanced to within a short distance of that place, but being informed by a woman that the rebels were prepared to receive him, having obtained information of the movement the day previous, he decided to return, which he did safely, with only twenty five wounded.

Gen. Kautz, by another road, surprised and entered the rebel works by a brave dash, capturing several pieces of artillery and a number of prisoners, but not being cooperated with by Gilmore, was obliged to fall back to prevent being surrounded, bringing his prisoners and captured guns with him.

The gunboats in the Appomattox threw many shells into Petersburg during the movement.1

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  1. Milwaukee Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI), June 13, 1864


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