Octave Bruso Diary: Week of October 16, 1864



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Note: This is one week’s worth of diary entries of Octave Bruso, who participated in the Siege of Petersburg as a member of the 50th New York Engineers.1

Sunday October 16, 1864

Beautiful day. Wrote to my Wife. Wrote to Madame Huntley (Editor: unclear) at Detroit. Worked until 11 A.M. Went to City Point with Lt. Pollard. Wrote to Shellington for Paper + Envelopes $5.00


Monday October 17, 1864

Beautiful day. Worked in the forenoon on Fort McMahon. Went down to City Point to see about my Boots.


Tuesday October 18, 1864

Pleasent + Cool. Recieved a letter from my Wife.  Qui ma font de la peine (Editor: French) Recieved a letter from J.B. McGregor. My Birth day. Worked all day on Fort McMahon.


Wednesday October 19, 1864

Pleasent + Cool. Recieved a note from my wife. Wrote to my Wife and to James McGregor. Worked all day on Fort McMahon. Commissioners of Elections here and I voted the true Union Ticket.


Thursday October 20, 1864

Cool + Cloudy. Wrote to J.W. Stephens 172  71st  St NY (Editor: unclear) . Worked all day on Fort McMahon.

Friday October 21, 1864

Beautiful day. Wrote to Banks Printer Park (Editor: unclear) Avenue. Done my washing. Worked all day of Fort McMahon. Recieved our clothing from Washington.


Saturday October 22, 1864

Cold Windy Day. Recieved my Tobacco + Pouch from Cochran. Wrote to Cochran for pouches and sent $2.00. Geo. W. Eastwood (Editor: unclear) . Promoted to Sergt.


  1. “1864 Diary of Private Octave Bruso, 50th NY Engineers, Company E” edited by Tom Bauerle, Buffalo, NY, 2010.


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